What To Do If Baby Spits Up When Laying Down?

What to do if baby spits up when laying down? Spitting up in bed or waking up crying in the middle of the night is one of those uncomfortable situations you can’t wait to get over with. There are many parents who feel the same way.

They wonder what to do if your baby spits up when laying down. Especially after feeding your baby. The good news is that there are some easy remedies that don’t involve going to a doctor (unless your baby has a health problem) or buying expensive medication. First if all, if you had just fed your baby, you must wait 30 minutes before laying down the baby and be sure that the baby does not swallowed air during feeding. Because air bubble can cause this problem to occur.

How to do if your baby spits up when laid down is easy. If your baby wakes up crying, pick him or her up and place them on their side.

Most babies are able to cry themselves to sleep this way. What to do if the baby spits up when laid down is to try and soothe their throats and backs with a warm drink like a warm cup of milk or an ice pack.

If that doesn’t work, hold your baby and try placing them in a bucket of warm water. Sit them down and continue to soothe them. When they begin to cry, drown out their cry by singing a lullaby or playing a baby-songs CD. These tips may help to solve burping your babies.

Baby Spits Up When Laying Down
Baby Spits Up When Laying Down

Why My Baby Spiting Up – Possibilities of a Disease

You can also play some baby lullabies to soothe them when they start to cry. This will soothe them because it is soothing to hear music. Eventually, your baby will realize that crying isn’t so bad after all and they will stop doing it up at night.

Another thing you can do when your baby starts to spit up is to hold them in your arms. This doesn’t have to be a full body hug because your baby is probably drowsy at the time and will likely fall asleep naturally on your arm.

Just hold them close and wrap a blanket around baby’s stomach. This will also soothe their throats and backs as well. If they start to vomit, this is probably not the answer to the question “what to do if the baby spits up when laid down”. Vomiting can be very dangerous for your baby and you don’t want to subject your child to that.


What you can do instead is to move the child to a different room where there will be more space. For example, if your baby is sleeping on your bed, you can put them in a bassinet. This will give them more room to spit up because gravity won’t be working against them. If they are in a separate room, try a baby swing or high chair.

These will help your child get the wind behind them and may stop the vomiting for a while and also acid reflux can be dangerous for hem. If nothing else works, remember that crying is perfectly natural when a baby is upset or scared or even when he/she is upright position. So offer your baby some comforting actions like cuddling or playing with them.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

The last question we have for you is “what to do if the baby spits up when laid down”. You have to figure out how long your child has been lying down before the incident happened. Most parents will find out by accident that their child was lying down when they heard the spitting sound. You also may want to see a doctor to get checked your baby for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Importance of Holding Position to Overcome Spitting

Remember that you don’t need to know how long your child has been lying down before you answer this question. But, you do need to know that babies have memory just like adults do and remembering where they have been and what they have been doing is normal for them.

If none of these tips provide any answers to the question “what to do if the baby spits up when laying down”, then it may be best to consult a doctor. Doctors are the only people who can really tell you what to do if the baby spits up when laying down. However, doctors are only knowledgeable about medical matters and not so much about things that concern you as a parent.

Fortunately, there are people like Dr. Evan Mladenov who is qualified to deal with all sorts of matters as a parent and as a human being. He is the creator of an online center called Child Development At Home, whose main goal is to help parents and their children with problems relating to child development and education.

Dr. Mladenov suggests that parents should not be afraid of asking questions especially if they have not been properly informed about the matter. He believes that you need to be able to get answers even if they are hard to understand.

He also believes that you can solve many problems if you are willing to open up to getting proper answers from different people and from professionals. If you are wondering what to do if the baby spits up when laying down, then it is best to get help immediately!

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