Why Is My Baby Squirming While Nursing: Causes and Ways to Fix It

Baby Squirming While Nursing

A baby squirming while too many stimulating factors often causes nursing session. Loud noises, multiple people around, and even another room can cause your baby to squirm or fidget while in feeding sessions. They are inquisitive little creatures and need to see everything around them, even while sleeping. Let’s not forget the most common cause … Read more

Emergenc While Breastfeeding – Is Emergenc Safe For Your Baby?

Emergenc While Breastfeeding

Emergenc while breastfeeding women is something most mothers learn about when they decide to nurse. They don’t want to find out later that they can’t breastfeed their babies. But is it okay to use Emeraldil while breastfeeding for extra vitamins? The American Academy of Pediatrics says yes! Why does using emergenc help? It is actually a … Read more

How Long Can Baby Use Swing?

How Long Can Baby Use Swing?

Wondering how long can baby use swing for? What is the age limit that determined by American Academy of Pediatrics? The Baby swings are considered as an aid for your baby to sleep. There are various types of swings including manual, motorized, balance powered and electric. Manual infant swings are usually used by the parent … Read more